How to order a custom corset

All stays and corsets (excluding those in one off collections) are made to order and made to your measurements*

1. Choose a style (eg. Georgiana stays, Ada stays etc.)

2. Choose a fabric (unless ordering the Magnolia stays or Fern corset from the Faerie Tapestry Collection)

3. Choose whether you'd like to add lace, ruffles or a custom applique (or any combination thereof, or none at all)

4. Take your measurements of your Bust, Waist and Hips and enter them into the provided box

5. Place your order and then wait for your very own bespoke garment to arrive ♥

Any questions? Click here to view the FAQs, still unsure? Email me at or Direct Message me via Instagram

*the Magnolia stays, Fern under-bust and Mae under-bust corsets offer both conventionally sized and made to measurement options.

view made to measure styles here


Anna Walsh explores the historical and fantastical through the use of antique, remnant and recycled materials. Focusing on the undergarments of the past and their contrast of structure and softness, durability and ephemerality. Intrigued by the overly ‘feminine’ frills, laces and trims that require a slow and methodical approach. Each piece is handcrafted in a home studio on Dja Dja Wurrung country just outside of Kyneton, Victoria.