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Jane Stays

Jane Stays

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Short stays inspired by the transitional stays/corsets of the Regency era. A more lightweight stay design that still provides support and structure. Made with a self drafted pattern referencing stays from 1790-1820. This style is made to order to your measurements. Please allow 3 - 6 weeks on all made to order items. 


  • 3 metres of synthetic whalebone
  • Jute cording channels to provide lightweight structure and support
  • Bust and hip gores typical of the regency corsetry style
  • 2 durable 100% cotton canvas inner layers
  • Soft 100% cotton lining
  • Metal eyelets and laced with double faced satin ribbon
  • Your choice of fashion external fabric
  • Your choice of any additional ruffles, lace or appliqué

Measurements needed: Bust, Waist and Hips, please enter your measurements in inches or cm and not just size (eg, small, large) to ensure the stays fit you correctly. click here to view more information on measurements.

Can't see the fabric swatches very well? Click here to view them in larger scale.

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