Collection: Faerie Tapestry Collection

A collection inspired by Celtic Fairy lore and repurposing materials that have lived their own little life. Modern twists on historical patterns from the late 1700s (stays) and late 1800s (corsets) that evoke a fairytale feel through the floral tapestry.

A collection of two garments, cropped back lacing stays with a half front lacing detail and an under bust clincher corset . Made from deadstock vintage tapestry, lined in a soft cotton. Laced with vintage nylon taffeta ribbon, boned with synthetic whalebone and secured with metal eyelets. There is limited stock of this tapestry fabric. 

These garments are made sized please refer to the sizing chart below, if you don't see your size there feel free to select custom size and place your measurements in the box provided.

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